KDY Match Cup #5, 25/10

Match Race grade 5 open. The event will be sailed in DS37’s and four boats will be used. 8 crews will be invited, crew of 5 including helmsman. Umpiring will be done by the sailors. Other criteria’s will be in NoR. Foreign sailors are invited to request for invitation.

  • Grade: 5
  • Boat: DS37
  • Venue: Skovshoved

Invitation Requests

Team NameHelmsman NameClubCountryISAF ID
WidexJan Ølholm MortensenKDYDenmarkDENJM21
Team KattnakkenLea Richter VogeliusKDYDenmarkDENLO1
Team EyermannHenrik EyermannMalmö ssSwedenSWEHE1

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